AcrobatReader: A bug or intentionally?

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Wed Apr 25 21:08:18 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 25 April 2007 14:28:16 Mark Wallace wrote:
> At 01:30 PM 25/04/2007, you wrote:
> >On Tuesday 24 April 2007 04:19, Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> > > Check the licencing on the adobe site - when i looked, I think i found
> > > that you needed a licence/agreement to actually distribute it, in
> > > almost all countries.
> >
> >Right.  It has always been free (beer), not free (speech)
> Realize though, the fact that you need a license doesn't mean that
> one is expensive or hard to obtain.  Technically, you need a license
> to do anything with Linux, you just get one without asking called a
> General public license.
> The software owner might be more interested in preventing someone
> from modifying his software than from making a lot of money.  Or,
> like Adobe, he might be willing to give you a license for free
> because he hopes that you will turn around and buy his full suite.
> Netscape was giving a free license to just about anybody who would
> listen because browsers like 4.08 had a built in button on the
> toolbar that  took you to their site.
> There are software owners out there that, if you sent them an email
> asking about how to get a license, would respond with a license.  I
> have a free license to run McAfee on my system.  All Mcafee asked me
> to do was have an email account with their marketing partner, AOL.  I
> didn't even have to check my email there.  But they don't want me to
> defeat the feature that runs adds at the bottom of the gui, because
> that is how they make their money.

I wasn't aware that McAfee ran on Kubuntu... or was necessary...

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