AcrobatReader: A bug or intentionally?

Mark Wallace newburghmark at
Wed Apr 25 19:28:16 UTC 2007

At 01:30 PM 25/04/2007, you wrote:
>On Tuesday 24 April 2007 04:19, Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> > Check the licencing on the adobe site - when i looked, I think i found
> > that you needed a licence/agreement to actually distribute it, in almost
> > all countries.
>Right.  It has always been free (beer), not free (speech)

Realize though, the fact that you need a license doesn't mean that 
one is expensive or hard to obtain.  Technically, you need a license 
to do anything with Linux, you just get one without asking called a 
General public license.

The software owner might be more interested in preventing someone 
from modifying his software than from making a lot of money.  Or, 
like Adobe, he might be willing to give you a license for free 
because he hopes that you will turn around and buy his full suite.

Netscape was giving a free license to just about anybody who would 
listen because browsers like 4.08 had a built in button on the 
toolbar that  took you to their site.

There are software owners out there that, if you sent them an email 
asking about how to get a license, would respond with a license.  I 
have a free license to run McAfee on my system.  All Mcafee asked me 
to do was have an email account with their marketing partner, AOL.  I 
didn't even have to check my email there.  But they don't want me to 
defeat the feature that runs adds at the bottom of the gui, because 
that is how they make their money.

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