Ktorrent and speed issues

grumpy grumpypenguin at qwest.net
Sat Apr 21 14:17:24 BST 2007

On Saturday 21 April 2007 09:30:28 am D. R. Evans wrote:
> adams said the following at 04/20/2007 12:22 PM :
> > Still having what I THINK is a problem, but not sure.  Any one
> > else trying this?
> >
> > Using Ktorrent to download the amd64 DVD version of 7.04 release.
> Try using a different client. Does it do the same thing?
> On Thurs and Fri I downloaded:
>   Mandriva 32- and 64-bit DVD ISOs
>   Kubuntu 32- and 64-bit CD ISOs
> All using the standard bittorrent client, and my connection is nominally
> quite a bit slower than yours.
> I seem to recall having a problem with DVDs and ktorrent once; but it was
> some time ago. I think it wouldn't successfully finish downloading anything
> > 4GB, although surely they must have fixed that bug by now.
evidently not as I had the same problem trying to D/L the Debian DVDs

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