Passwordless shares with samba

Stew Schneider stew.schneider at
Fri Apr 20 12:15:18 UTC 2007

Sounds a bit as if they can't be found. Have you tried altering the 
hosts file to include everybody and their IP's?


Jose Gomez-Dans wrote:
> Hi,
> Hitting a bit of a wall here. I am running Feisty, and I want to be
> able to share directories from Win2k clients, but without having any
> sort of passwords (it is a trusted network). I have done everything,
> that to my knowledge, was needed (securtiy=share, guest account etc.).
> Some Win2k computers on the network allow passwordless logins to
> \\<server_name>\. Others, however require a password, and nothing
> happens. In the latter, the shares can be accessed nicely if I access
> them through  \\<ip_address>. No password is required, and everything
> works as it should.
> Anyone know what the problem might be? In the past, my server was
> running on Win2k, and had the same server name...
> Cheers,
> Jose

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