sound system won´t do full duplex

anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at
Thu Apr 19 12:57:46 UTC 2007

Wulfy wrote:

>anthony baldwin wrote:
>>Perhaps it is one of the ¨unidentified devices¨ and this is part of the 
>>I´m pretty sure it´s not an IDE, SMBus, VGA or USB controller.  Could it 
>>be this last, Communication controller?
>>Or perhaps this line:   0000:00:14.2 0403: ATI Technologies Inc: Unknown 
>>device 437b (rev 01)
>>I do have sound, lovely sound, just not in fullduplex (which is needed 
>>to run my microphone to record sound,
>>and use Skype, Voip stuff).
>sudo update-pciids.  You will need your internet connection.
>I hope this helps.

lspci gives:  0000:00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SB450 HDA 
Audio (rev 01)
lspci -n gives: 0000:00:14.2 0403: 1002:437b (rev 01)

I haven´t the slightest idea what any of that means or how it is going 
to be helpful, but there it is.
(Was this hosed because I switched the hdd from the old PIII to the 
newer Celeron machine
(and then brutally sacrificed the XP drive from the Celeron 
machine....well, okay, didn´t sacrifice it.
It is now int he old PIII, as a dual boot with Ubuntu, for my daughter´s 
school use and stuff (don´t you love parenthetcials
within parentheticals?).)?).

Thanks Wulfy.


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