Calling Kubuntu Inkscape users

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Wed Apr 18 15:01:27 BST 2007

Donn said the following at 04/16/2007 06:47 AM :
> Hello,
> I use Inkscape quite a lot - I am on Kubuntu Dapper - and I find that it slows 
> down horribly after about 15 or 20 minutes of use. 

> don't know and remain silent) -- so I wanted to ask other Inkscape users who 
> are on Kubuntu what they have experienced. It's frustrating being pretty much 
> the only one on the planet to experience this ...

I sometimes leave it running for days at a time (often until the unrelated
issue to do with xorg consuming all available memory forces me to close X
and restart -- which happens regardless of whether I'm running Inkscape).

No slowdown noticeable, at least until the system starts thrashing because
of the xorg problem.


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