Gnome-desktop from Kubuntu

Macario Valle macariov at
Tue Apr 17 14:40:19 BST 2007

I believe the right, ubuntu, way command is:
sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop.

On Tue, 2007-04-17 at 15:25 +0200, Donn wrote:
> Yo,
> Just did a:
> sudo aptitude install gnome-desktop
> and 100mb later ... :| ... I tried to login just to see -- don't panic :D
> I get the brown desktop (no wallpaper) and my icons from ~/Desktop but there 
> is no taskbar or menu bar along the top. I dunno their proper names. Anyone 
> got any ideas how to make those things show-up?
> Don't worry - this is just temporary, curiosity - I will never abandon KDE!
> /d

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