Raise/Lower volume and mixer audio channel choice

Andy Harrison aharrison at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 22:54:53 UTC 2007

On 4/13/07, Mike Teehan <detox.genie at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 05 April 2007 12:51:22 pm Andy Harrison wrote:
> > My laptop has some volume buttons bound to XF86AudioRaiseVolume and
> > XF86AudioLowerVolume.  They adjust the Master channel in the mixer
> > panel, but I was wondering if it were possible to make them control
> > the PCM channel instead?
> >
> > Running kubuntu-6.10, kde-3.5.6
> >
> > --
> > Andy Harrison
> Okay, here's what I did to make a similar change on my system. I'm running
> Feisty, but since we're both using KDE 3.5.6, it should be the same. I am
> also assuming that you leave KMix running at all times.
> First, open 'System Settings' -> 'Accessibility' -> 'Input Actions'. This
> will open the keyboard hotkey settings page.
> Next, we need to create a new Group to contain our new hotkeys. I called
> mine 'KMix' because that's the program it is going to control.
> Inside this group, create a new action. Select the new action, and using
> the 'General' tab, name it 'PCM Volume up', and set the 'Action type'
> to 'Keyboard Shortcut -> DCOP Call (simple)'. Switch the the 'Keyboard
> Shortcut' tab, and select your keyboard shortcut (this would be the increase
> volume key for you). Finally, on the 'DCOP Call Settings', use settings like
> these:
> Remote application: kmix
> Remote object: Mixer0
> Called function: increaseVolume
> Arguments: 1 (this determines which slider gets its volume increased)
> These settings should work, as long as PCM is slider #1 in KMix (Master volume
> = slider #0) and kmix is running. YMMV.
> Create another action in the KMix group called 'PCM Volume down'. Setup
> everything the same as the other action, only use Called
> function 'decreaseVolume' instead of 'increaseVolume'.  Hit 'Apply'.
> Let us know how it works out,
> -- eMpTy

I gave it a try and that does work.  The only issue is that it no
longer displays the volume percentage when I adjust the volume.  Not a
huge deal but there are times when you want to know the volume when
there isn't any sound currently playing.


Andy Harrison

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