Raise/Lower volume and mixer audio channel choice

Mike Teehan detox.genie at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 06:47:27 UTC 2007

On Thursday 05 April 2007 12:51:22 pm Andy Harrison wrote:
> My laptop has some volume buttons bound to XF86AudioRaiseVolume and
> XF86AudioLowerVolume.  They adjust the Master channel in the mixer
> panel, but I was wondering if it were possible to make them control
> the PCM channel instead?
> Running kubuntu-6.10, kde-3.5.6
> --
> Andy Harrison

Okay, here's what I did to make a similar change on my system.  I'm running 
Feisty, but since we're both using KDE 3.5.6, it should be the same.  I am 
also assuming that you leave KMix running at all times.

First, open 'System Settings' -> 'Accessibility' -> 'Input Actions'.  This 
will open the keyboard hotkey settings page.

Next, we need to create a new Group to contain our new hotkeys.  I called 
mine 'KMix' because that's the program it is going to control.

Inside this group, create a new action.  Select the new action, and using 
the 'General' tab, name it 'PCM Volume up', and set the 'Action type' 
to 'Keyboard Shortcut -> DCOP Call (simple)'.  Switch the the 'Keyboard 
Shortcut' tab, and select your keyboard shortcut (this would be the increase 
volume key for you).  Finally, on the 'DCOP Call Settings', use settings like 
Remote application: kmix
Remote object: Mixer0
Called function: increaseVolume
Arguments: 1 (this determines which slider gets its volume increased)

These settings should work, as long as PCM is slider #1 in KMix (Master volume 
= slider #0) and kmix is running.  YMMV.

Create another action in the KMix group called 'PCM Volume down'.  Setup 
everything the same as the other action, only use Called 
function 'decreaseVolume' instead of 'increaseVolume'.  Hit 'Apply'.

Let us know how it works out,
-- eMpTy
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