Audio garbled when video is displayed

Douglas Phillipson douglas at
Wed Apr 11 03:51:51 UTC 2007

Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 April 2007 03:09:54 pm Douglas Phillipson wrote:
>> This is a strange one.  When I play video with flash in Firefox on 6.1,
>> as long as I keep the video covered the audio plays fine.  When the
>> video is shown the audio sounds garbled.  Also, if the video is covered
>> and I move any window or application on the desktop, the audio pops and
>> spits.  I'm using two gForce FX-5200 cards in Xinerama mode.  It appears
>> that ANY movement on my desktop makes the audio garbled.  Here are my
>> loaded audio modules:

>> Thanks
>> Doug P
> I have the same problem, and its mainly with the Nvidia proprietary driver I 
> think.  If you do not run the Nvidia Prop. driver your sound probably works 
> great.
> If you find a solution post a link or directions here, as I'd love to have 
> decent sound in some games.

I actually don't think I'm running the proprietary driver because I 
don't see the nVidia splash screen when X starts up.

Doug P

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