anyone running Kubuntu & vmware, or kubuntu & codeweavers?

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Wed Apr 4 01:29:34 BST 2007

Art Alexion <art.alexion at> writes:
> On Tuesday 03 April 2007 13:33, Phil Bieber wrote:
>> On 4/3/07, Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
>> > Phil Bieber wrote:
>> > > Hi!  Normally, aptitude removes unneeded dependencies, but this
>> > > looks wrong, as it tries to remove superkaramba... The rest seems
>> > > like dependencies, that are no longer needed on your system...


>> Superkaramba was the first one that hit my eye that was definitely
>> not a dependency. Subversion I do recognize as a standalone app, but
>> I don't know kandy, which I only assumed to be some "supporting" app
>> in the background ... And it was just a basic pointer as to why
>> aptitude *might* want to remove an application...
> kandy is a standalone app that facilitates connections to mobile
> phones.
> The bottom line is: I assume that Derek's initial suggestion will mark
> the apps "do not remove", but if aptitude read my system this
> incorrectly this time, it makes me nervous to use it at all.  I'd like
> to think that after marking the listed packages, all will be OK, but
> how can I know?

Well, moving to aptitude from apt-get means that it has to infer all the
information about what you do and don't want.  It should do that safely,
and has in my experience, but didn't quite hit it this time.[1]

If it really concerns you then you can run this command to mark
everything currently installed as "manual" and, so, prevent it ever
being automatically offered to remove:

  aptitude unmarkauto '~i'


[1]  Presumably.  There may actually be a good reason why it proposed
     removing those packages, one way or another.

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