KDE startup and wifi initialization under Feisty

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 06:47:35 UTC 2007

> I'd like to hear more about how to do this...even if I don't do it I can
> see definite educational benefits.
Heh - I knew this would bite me :)

I am a total newtwork nitwit and I got a lot of help from my ISP (this is 
actually true, he's a cool ISP :) ) in setting-up my network connection to 
his wireless radio thingumies. It has to do with a bunch of files in 
the /etc/ppp directory and a dozen tweaks all over the show. I have a VPN 
connection over a network cable to a wireless antenna on the roof. (I do not 
use that php-pppd horror, because it also relies on X running first).

So, I can't tell you how to connect to your particular situation, but I am 
*sure* that Linux can do so without ever booting into X. You just have to 
find the right questions to ask to get the ball rolling.
If your situation (VPN) sounds similar to mine, I wrote a howto on the Ubuntu 
Wiki a while back and I'll dig up a link for it.

Sorry that I could not be more helpful Larry, I know how that sucks.

Oh yeah, in the past with dial-up issues, I used 'wvdial' in a startup 
(/etc/.initd -ish) script -- so that was how I avoided kppp.


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