Kopete: winpoup and GTalk through proxy server

Alexander Smirnov smirnoff at mail.nnov.ru
Tue Apr 3 08:17:29 UTC 2007


As for Kopete, it is not supposed to work with proxy. (by design)
You can try workaround - try to play with *proxychains* utility. This 
utility forces any connection to follow through proxy.


Jose Gomez-Dans wrote:
> Hi,
> Two kopete-related questions:
> I suffer a proxy server at work. All the data communications go
> through a proxy server which only allows connections to port 80. The
> Windows gtalk client is able to circumvent this, and works as
> expected. The web interface also works fine. However, I am not able to
> connect using kopete, which tries to use port 553 or something. Any
> ideas?
> Also, I can send messages using winpoup, but cannot receive messages.
> I also had to download a couple of shell scripts which were not in the
> kopete package in Kubuntu. Is there a step-by-step guide?
> Cheers,
> Jose

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