Booting Kubuntu from CD on a PowerMac G4?

Andrew Jarrett jarrett.andrew at
Tue Apr 3 04:39:51 UTC 2007

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> I have recently been bequeathed an Apple Mac G4 running OSX Tiger.  The
> machine seems to boot directly from the hard drive and I can't find out
> to go directly into the BIOS at boot up to make the CD/DVD drive be the
> first called.
> I'd like to get Kubuntu Edgy running on it and I've downloaded the
> powerpc version to install, but I can't find out how to get into the
> BIOS to get the CD/DVD drive called first.
> Can anyone help me or direct me to a howto?
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I hope that this can help:

To quote deltaboy from that forum -> "I'm assuming you've tried holding down
the "c" key when rebooting? You're sure you're installing the PPC Ubuntu
right? Does the CD Drive eject the disc when rebooting? If so, immediately
push it back in while holding down the "c" key. Still problems? Try holding
down (simultaneously) the "Apple", "Ctrl". "p" & "r" keys - all four keys at
the same time & wait until you hear the Apple boot-up sound twice, then
release and hold down the "c" key.... "

I'm no expert with Apple computers, but from what I see you don't need to
change the CD/DVD boot priority in the BIOS like you need to on regular PCs,
you just need to press the 'c' key to have it boot from the CD/DVD.  I hope
this helps!
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