How to list an UUID?

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Apr 2 13:30:41 UTC 2007

Daniel Pittman wrote:

> Derek Broughton <news at> writes:
>> Specifically for swap partitions, uuid is _not_ very stable (at least
>> when
>> hibernate gets involved).  I've had to use mkswap a number of times
>> because of problems with hibernation.
> Ah, but that isn't a property of hibernation (as such) but, rather, of
> your running mkswap on the partition you used for hibernation.

No, that's a property of hibernation (at least the version I was using), in
that it changed the partition signature such that if the resume failed, you
could no longer use the partition for swap - so you had to use mkswap.
> The UUID in the swap partition is dead-stable until something (like the
> user) rewrites it.

Or the hibernation process.

>> Which gui tools would those be?  I haven't found an fstab manager, but
>> it would be nice.
> My understanding was that gparted handled all that stuff.  Am I wrong?

Beats me, surely gparted is a gnome app.
> Likewise I thought that the KDE disks and file systems module, in System
> Settings, was able to handle formatting and mount entries correctly.

Yes, well, I keep missing these modules in the "advanced" tab...  Sorry.

However, I've got an entry for that in System Settings, but it doesn't load. 
That's not the only module that's broken.  The message is most

"The module .... could not be loaded"
"Possible reasons:
- An error occurred during your last KDE upgrade...
- You have old third party modules"

What I think it really means is "you never installed that module", and I
can't find out what the module name IS and therefore what package it should
be IN.

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