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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Sep 18 19:33:38 UTC 2006

On 18/09/06, marcus <lists at> wrote:
> "Tellico" has a database type called "File Catalog". You can create
> entries for any existing file or directory. I'm going to use it as a
> document manager for scanned PDF files. You can do this with AVI files
> or any other and customize the fields/tags as you please.
> As for tagging, Tellico let's you set up the database fields exactly as
> you like. You are not "tagging" the actual AVI files themselves like
> you do MP3 files. Instead you are creating a database which references
> and links to the actual files.
> There are existing database fields (file name, size etc), or you can
> create all your tags/fields yourself. This is called a custom database
> in Tellico. It's very simple to use. Select "Collection/Collection
> Fields" and create the ones you want. Play around with Tellico, it's
> very flexible. If you need help join the Tellico mailing list (only a
> few messages per week).
> If you want to view your movies out of Tellico, I think you just create
> a link/URL field, and the movie should play in your prefered player
> when you click the link. This probably depends on your KDE settings. I
> have to check this out myself yet. It certainly works because others
> wrote about file catalogs on the Tellico mailing list.
> Btw, I recently wrote a blog article with two methods of creating
> cross-references in Tellico. So you can either group your entries, or
> list them according to which other entries they are related to:
> And a general intro, which is also a promo for Kubuntu :-) :
> Marcus

Thanks, Marcus. Tellico seems to be a wonderful program. Will it show
me a thumbnail view of my movie files, and let me open them by a click
(or double)? And can I tag those thumbnails to show only the ones
related to what I want?

Tellico doesn't seems to be able to do that from what I've read so
far. But I may be wrong.


Dotan Cohen

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