Installing Firefox-OT

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Tue Sep 19 19:11:48 BST 2006

Thanks Billy,

I think I got it now.  Have looked at "checkinstall"
thanks to your post and will install it for the next
time I try to compile a new version of something when
what is available in the distro just doesn't work.
Appreciate your efforts and patience in helping me
understand. Many thanks.

> Ok. Let's suppose I write Kfoo program. It's an open
> source program. I
> decide to put it on Sourceforge. I release version
> 2.0. Kubuntu or
> Debian or whatever may not include 2.0 in their
> distro. I may consider
> it stable, but that doesn't mean it is stable in any
> or all distros.
> It could take a few days, or it could take a rather
> long time before
> it is tested and released and placed in the
> corresponding
> repositories. That's a good thing. There are
> bleeding edge distros and
> there are ones on the other end of the spectrum.
> The source being available in the repository
> satisfies the GPL
> requirement (rather nicely I might add) but that
> doesn't mean that
> Kfoo will be 2.0 in the repository. If you want to
> compile the HEAD
> version, you are free to do so. Sooner or later the
> Kfoo for the
> distro will be 2.0 after it has been tested.
> As I said in an earlier posting, I recommend
> checking out the
> "checkinstall" package if you tend to compile and
> install source so
> that you can create a deb package should you decide
> to remove it
> later. You never know if you'll like what you put
> in.
> - Billy

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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