How to identify the fonts used in Ubuntu?

Larry Alkoff labradley at
Sun Sep 17 10:28:58 BST 2006

Thilo Six wrote:
> Larry Alkoff wrote the following on 17.09.2006 02:07:
>> Before playing with the fonts in Ubuntu, I'd _first_ like to know what 
>> fonts are actually being used so I can both see the base font to compare 
>> go back to the default if necessary.
>> How to do that?
> in gnome:
> ALT+F2 then enter gnome-font-properties
> in kde:
> ALT+F2 then enter kcontrol > Appearance & Themes > Fonts
> there you can check the dafult settings (and note them down) and alter
> them to your liking.
>> Using Thunderbird on Linux
> Your USER-Agent is Thunderbird (X11/20060615) which seems to be
> an outdated Dapper version. You should update via dapper-security.
> bye Thilo

Thank you very much Thilo for your informative and prompt response.
I've saved your post so I can find the default fonts again <g>.

 From the Mozilla Thunderbird home page I see they are up to version 
1/5/0/7 from my  I'll look into upgrading although I must admit 
that Thunderbird seems very complex and 'fragile' to me so I get really 
nervous when I mess with it.

I see you have been posting for about a month.  Please keep up your good 
work - it's not that easy to find 'technical' users in the Ubuntu 
groups.  My background is Slackware so I'm very much into the nuts and 


Larry Alkoff N2LA - Austin TX
Using Thunderbird on Linux

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