Playing Windows media files on 64-bit kubuntu

Thomas Sperre thcsp at
Tue Sep 12 22:59:20 BST 2006

SO many places I have read that you can't do this, that I actually believed 
that I would have to live with not playing my old .wma's when i moved to 64 

Today i moved all the music files over from the old computer, let amarok 
compile the collection. I noticed all the old .wmas were in there, a change, 
as in the previous amaroK version i had installed on my old 32-bit the .wma's 
were not even registered in the collection database.
Out of the curiousity i just had to click on some of my old favourites. 
Voila - it plays "Forever today"....:-) And now comes "Gold for the prize of 

I don't think i have any special packages installed to fix this, just stuff 
from the various kubuntu repositories. Which package works these wonders?

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