Koen trudiekoen at
Mon Sep 11 19:06:02 UTC 2006

I got 1 machine(wifes pc)running on Xp with a 512 ADSL line with no problems
and easy to config. My Pc running Kubuntu constantly gets problems. I
installed my settings "sudo pppoeconf"
and in system settings @ the network settings I typed in my Primary and
secondary DNS servers. I got 2 pc's connected to my adsl hub using Ethernet
although this is also an a wifi hub.
If I surf for 5 minutes Kubuntu freezes so badly that I have to Reset as
nothing else works.
Somebody out there got the same problem and how was it resolved. Where else
can I config my pppoE
I also "sudo pon dsl-provider". The hub is a ADSL 5102G with 4 ports and
Explain in Newbie language

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