Changing machines.

David Bird obsidion at
Sat Sep 2 11:58:57 UTC 2006

On Saturday 02 September 2006 20:32, gabrielle harrison and Paul van den 
Bergen wrote:

> that's what I wanted to hear...
> for the record the CD I have is Kubuntu 6.06 LTS CD (via shippit) I didn't
> know about the alt cd (still don't know how to get/order it for Kubuntu
> )and was a bit stunned to have to commit to 4 days of downloads. *shudder*
> I need broadband!
> I have access to LAN and can move the HDD in nextdoor if needs be (for DD,
> etc.)
> Mostly out of curiosity now....
> So other than X config and specific hardware libraries, is there anything
> that is likely to need adjusting wrt the new machine? i.e. is the kernel
> going to cope OK? what about all the misc. software installed? since it's
> all come as packages, is it likely to work on any machine equally well, or
> are there install config things I may have to worry about.
> in other words, how much is one machine like another (WRT software)?

 Ubuntu/kubuntu does have different kernels for different machines k7, 
celeron, etc so that might be one bit that needs optimisation and 
unfortunately require a reasonable download to get the second up to scratch 
so to speak. Most of the packages should work fine though the only ones I can 
think of that may be a little different if you have them installed is the 
mplayer ones, these are optimised per machine as well.

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