Kubuntu instability...

Felipe Figueiredo philsf at ufrj.br
Tue Oct 24 18:56:44 UTC 2006

Em Tuesday 24 October 2006 13:59, Branko Vukelic escreveu:
> On Tuesday 24 October 2006. 14:04, Tchize wrote:
> > This is not odd, it just mean only one application can manage
> > installation at a time. You surely don't want to see your installation
> > corrupted because 2 differents apps tried to update it simultaneously.
> No, I mean, aptitude locks dpkg, and it stays locked even after I exit 
> aptitude...

Are you sure the applitacion locking the deb db is aptitude? It could very 
well be one of ADEPT's offspring (adept_updater comes to mind). I had once my 
aptitude blocked, and it was this adept_something that had silently crashed 
in the background. I killed it and everything went fine (didn't need to 
restart KDE).

> > Rule of thumb in computer:
> > A problem never come single.
> > Corollary: All your problem came at same time with a common cause.
> Yeah, I do agree to that. However, with so many symptoms, it's hard to tell. 
> As you mentioned it earlier, it is most likely KDE core component. BTW, I'm 
> using KDE from the Kubuntu repos, whereas the rest of the distro was 
> installed from an Ubuntu CD.
> > Did you ensure that your hardware is not faulty? Last time i saw a linux
> > system go berserk like that, it was a memory defect.
> Hmm, I don't know for sure. I will run some test when I have time. However, 

Give memtest a try. Also check if you have bad IDE/SATA cables, proper 
CPU/case ventilation, etc.

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