apt database locked

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 17:19:05 UTC 2006

On 12/10/06, D. R. Evans <doc.evans at gmail.com> wrote:
> About an hour ago, I tried to upgrade to KDE 3.5.5. Big mistake.

I have managed to get rid of the message by executing:
  sudo dpkg --configure -a

But there's still something broken.

The little icon is still there saying that I have 1 package to update.
That package is kdenetwork. But if I try to upgrade it, I get the
"BREAK (upgrade)" message.

Investigating with synaptic tells me that the reason is that the
kdenetwork package needs kopete-3.5.5, whereas I have 3.5.4 installed.
But there is no sign of a kopete-3.5.5 in the KDE upgrade :-(

(This is on an AMD64 system.)

Does anyone know where I can get the kopete-3.5.5 package so that I
can complete the update to KDE 3.5.5? (Or, if not, where do I complain
that there's a packaging problem with the KDE 3.5.5 packages for
Kubuntu? I imagine that it's just that someone forgot to include the
kopete package or something.)

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