apt database locked

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 16:50:51 UTC 2006

About an hour ago, I tried to upgrade to KDE 3.5.5. Big mistake.

94 of 95 packages installed OK. That leaves me with the adept icon in
my systray saying that there is 1 update available,

But when I click on the icon and enter my password, I get:


Another process is using the packaging system database (probably some
other Adept application or apt-get or aptitude). Please close the
other application before using this one.


I have logged out and restarted KDE.

I have even rebooted.

But still I keep getting this message. I imagine that it means that
somewhere a lock file has been created and somehow did not get
deleted, presumably because one package did not download properly --
but I have no idea which lock file it might be, so I can remove it

Any ideas anyone?

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