Edgy's new startup scripts

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Sat Oct 7 17:33:52 UTC 2006

Howard Coles Jr. wrote:

> On Friday 06 October 2006 12:38 pm, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
>> It _can_ (upstart isn't installed by default); I have; and it is :-)
> Ok.  I was thinking sysvinit was gone in Edgy, or at least somewhat
> replaced
> anyway.  And I hope it is.  I've done a little reading off the website,
> and
> it sounds like something that should have been around for years.  Its one
> of those things you wonder why someone didn't think of it some time ago,
> know what I mean?

I agree, but the plan is that all init scripts will need to be upstart
compatible in edgy+2 - that's a good way off yet.

>> If it's as good as it seems, everybody will be using upstart :-)  (well
>> maybe not everybody).
> Well, that would be good.  However, I doubt Debian will use it.  Because
> it started in Ubuntu, and the debian folks seem to hate Ubuntu because its
> stole their limelight.

I don't believe that for a minute.  There are a few Debian users who despise
Ubuntu, but that doesn't seem to stretch to the developers.  There are
certainly various package managers who feel the give-and-take between
Debian & Ubuntu _for their specific package_ involves more take & less give
on Ubuntu's part.  I expect, in some cases it's even true.  That doesn't
mean that Debian is in any way incapable of capitalizing on a good idea
that Ubuntu has.

>> Ho hum...  Even if LSB was desirable, it's way too early for that. 
>> Nothing in Edgy, or even in the next release of Ubuntu, will require you
>> to use upstart.
> Well, I really don't know what LSB buys you other than an app developer's
> ability to write the app  once and it work on all distros.  

However, not enough of the Linux distros have bought into the LSB concept
for that to be true.

>> > Also, were would one find a good set of "howtos" on doing any
>> > customization of this new style?
>> I don't think it's that far yet...
> Well, actually it is.  From what I read on the site its going to get to
> where it will replace at, cron, inetd, and a couple of other daemons.
It's _going_ to get there, but they're still in the process of settling the
API.  So any howto you might find could be obsolete next week.  It won't
have replaced cron or inetd when Edgy is released.  iirc, it isn't expected
to have done that when the next release comes out (though I think it should
be _capable_ of replacing them by then - in the same way that it can now be
used instead of sysvinit, but hasn't replaced it).

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