kernel boot up problems

Tchize tchize at
Mon Nov 20 12:00:46 UTC 2006

O. Sinclair a écrit :
> tchize wrote:
> I have had a really strange experience with Edgy on my Dell laptop. The 
> only way I have been able to actually get it to boot and shutdown 
> without hassle or/and getting stuck now and then was to remove the 
> splash and silent mode.
That won't solve the problem, it's even present when i start in recovery
mode. There is neither splash nor 'silent' in recovery mode. It still
wait for 10 minutes. The only difference is that i get some text before
the pause.
> There are certainly a lot I don't like about Edgy. Have not reverted 
> back to Dapper since I need some features in the kernel that are not 
> supported by Dapper.
> Sinclair
Well i installed edgy at a friends, on a old computer, everything went
well. I was happy to discover the working 'hibernate' shutdown on
desktops (the main reason i upgraded from dapper at home). I will see
later this evening if the wakeup from hibernate prevents the big pause.

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