moz & seamonkey both hosed

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at
Mon Nov 13 03:47:05 UTC 2006

anthony baldwin wrote:
> Hi...
> I don´t know what I did...
> I tried to install some Mozilla Dictionary extension...that´s the only 
> thing I can think of...but it did NOT successfully install.
> Anyway, since then, the top navigation bar (with: file edit view, etc.) 
> is basically gone.  I mean, I can see where it is supposed to
> be, but it is way tiny, and none of the menus are visible or accessible.
> And the status bar at the bottom now lacks the former icons to open 
> moz-mail, composer, address-book, etc.
> Basically, moz is crippled, and lacking important function, for which  
> LOVE it.

Oh yeah, and Moz is not showing any of my bookmarks at all, even though 
the entire bookmarks
html file is still there in /home/me/.mozilla (and I was able to import 
them into seamonkey and firefox).

> I DLed the seamonkey project, to give that a shot, anyway, and it is 
> functional, except the status bar on that is
> HUGE, taking up a good two inches of screen real estate, which basically 
> sucks.
> Sure, I have Firefox and Thunderbird installed but THEY SUCK!  Why?  
> clicking on a mailto: link in Firefox
> does absolutely nothing.  clicking on a link within a mail message in 
> Thunderbird does absolutely nothing.
> I would have to go through a lot of annoying copying & pasting.  And 
> Firefox doesn´t tell you when Thunderbird has received a message, but 
> Moz, while I am reading or working online, tells me that new mail has 
> arrived.
> I need all of that functionality for my work, thus, I choose to have an 
> integrated browser/mail suite (yeah, I and I sometimes
> even use composer for some basic page editing, too.  It´s simple and 
> lightweight, has both wysiwyg and html tabs,
> and is integrated with my browser...or was, until Moz stopped working).  
> I would get better performance with
> Konq and Kmail, but I don´t like Kmail (I like Konq, I´ll admit).
> So...anyway, I´m not here to start a browser war...I just want my 
> beloved Mozilla working functionally, or, Seamonkey to not have a 2 inch 
> status bar.  Tanto faz.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> abraços
> tony

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