Sound doesn't work in Edgy

Jonathan Byrne jonathan at
Mon Nov 6 02:21:10 UTC 2006

On Sunday 05 November 2006 14:07, H.J.Bathoorn wrote:

> Took me an hour to discover that in the mixer settings of kmix you have to
> click on the little green led-like lights above the volume sliders to
> unmute them. :-P --

Checked those, nothing's muted. The search continues, but at least there was a 
fleeting hope of a silly muted-by-default condition. You gave me an idea, 
though - I'll try booting the live cd and see if sound works there. If it 
does, then just clone the settings.

Two other things I'll mention, although they are probably not relevant:

- I used the alternative installer so I could install to RAID-1
- I have installed Automatix2



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