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Wed Jul 26 08:33:42 UTC 2006

I had to use ndiswrapper too with my "inpro....b/g" wireless
it works but I could not yet connect to my wireless nksys printserver
(from within (K)Ubuntu

On 7/26/06, Stratos Laspas <stratos at laspas.gr> wrote:
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> jr22 at bellsouth.net wrote:
> > Jonathan
> >  I think you are 100% correct.  I am not a Linux expert
> > but did OK with breezy because it automatically connected to my
> > wireless. However I have not been
> > able to connect to my wireless with Dapper.  So, I am
> > faced with the decision of going back to Brezzy or
> > Win/XP.  I would like to get away from Windows.
> In my opinion, the main reason that there is no such a tool that would
> automagically set up all wireless connections possible, is the drivers
> issue. Not all vendors provide drivers, and I am not aware of any that
> provide them in GPL or similar license scheme. Therefore, one has to
> go to various places on the internet and find community supported
> drivers that work and directions of implementation.
> Unfortunately, the automated tools did not work for me (using kubuntu,
> but also by installing ubuntu programs), in the case that I wanted to
> set up WPA (WEP is not recommended for security). Even after setting
> up knetworkmanager, while connected, this programs thinks there is no
> connection and no device present. The gnome tool does see the
> connection active, but I only use it as a monitor, I did not use it
> for setting up. There is also an option in Automatix
> (www.getautomatix.com) for laptop wireless, but I did not try that.
> Given the above, it is indeed evident that a wiki is missing on this
> topic. Ideally, there would be one contributed by users using
> different wireless chipsets, so that one can follow the procedures for
> his particular product, until such a time that a turn-key app comes up
> to do the work.
> If it helps at all, my contribution is the following  (off the top of
> my head, not very analytical):
> Using a NetGear WG511 (does not mention version on the card, it's made in
> China). In general terms, I did the following and it works
> (independently of starting kde):
> 1) put the module prism54 in black list so it is not loaded
> 2) go to ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net, download card driver, follow
> documentation instructions to set up ndiswrapper (create conf files)
> 3) put ndiswrapper in list of modules to be loaded
> 4) follow documentation instructions and set up
> /etc/wpasupplicant/wpasupplicant.conf
> 5) in /etc/network/interfaces, I have wlan0 as follows:
> *quote*
> auto wlan0
> iface wlan0 inet dhcp
> pre-up /sbin/wpa_supplicant -Dndiswrapper -iwlan0
> - -c/etc/wpasupplicant/wpasupplicant.conf -Bw
> post-down killall -q wpa_supplicant
> *unquote*
> Regards,
> Stratos
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