WPA in kubuntu

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Jul 26 13:44:41 UTC 2006

Stratos Laspas wrote:

> In my opinion, the main reason that there is no such a tool that would

[a tool to automatically configure wireless NICs - please try to quote the
right part of the message - what you quoted wasn't Jonathan's statement
that such a tool was needed]

> automagically set up all wireless connections possible, is the drivers
> issue. Not all vendors provide drivers, and I am not aware of any that
> provide them in GPL or similar license scheme. Therefore, one has to
> go to various places on the internet and find community supported
> drivers that work and directions of implementation.

That's why we have HAL, _and_ that's why we have network-manager. 
Network-manager is far from perfect yet, but it does the job for many
people and I think it's entirely possible for it to handle different driver
> Unfortunately, the automated tools did not work for me (using kubuntu,
> but also by installing ubuntu programs), in the case that I wanted to
> set up WPA (WEP is not recommended for security). Even after setting
> up knetworkmanager, while connected, this programs thinks there is no
> connection and no device present. 

The most common reason I've seen for that on the network-manager list is
that a couple of wireless devices don't advertise themselves to HAL as
being wireless.  There's not much that can be done about that.

> The gnome tool does see the 
> connection active, but I only use it as a monitor, I did not use it

What gnome tool? 

> Given the above, it is indeed evident that a wiki is missing on this

@#$%^&  I hate wikis...

> topic. Ideally, there would be one contributed by users using
> different wireless chipsets, so that one can follow the procedures for
> his particular product, until such a time that a turn-key app comes up
> to do the work.

Try contributing to network-manager - it IS the turn-key app.  If you have
problems with it, report them to the network-manager list.

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