Dapper upgrade from Breezy (continued)

Sam Przyswa samp at arial-concept.com
Sat Jul 8 17:39:02 UTC 2006


I upgraded my breezy to dapper by changing all breezy occurrences with
dapper in my sources.list, then apt-get update and upgrade, I had
several problems but after rebooting with the rescue option in grub I
succeed to upgrade...

Other problem with the I810 driver the display configuration doesn't 
work, I tried to modify on my laptop "Display controller: Intel 
Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)" 16:9 it 
back me in 800/600 default and my second screen is unable to configure.

I have to configure it in 1280x1024 to got the 1280x800 (16:9) to got my 
right display, but when I quit the session the login panel is in 
1280x1024 !?


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