New Help Connecting to remote Printer

Andreas Ruppen andreas.ruppen at
Sun Jul 2 20:38:38 UTC 2006

> HI:
> What I am trying 
> to do is to connect machine 1 to machine2's printer. I am having no joy
> with this.
Once you set up the network you can try to add the following line to
your /etc/cpus/client.conf

ServerName name.of.your.server

and then restart cups. name.of.the.server can be a fully qualified hostname
or an ip. But you can only specify one server at time.
> Both machine are on the same network connect to a cable router. 
> It seems like the machines do not see each other.

But this wont work if you can't at least ping the machines. So set up fist
your network.


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