a question of backup

dave s kubuntu at pusspaws.net
Sat Feb 25 17:07:47 UTC 2006

On Saturday 25 Feb 2006 16:40, gabe wrote:
> I'm sure I cannot be the only one in this situation. The situation is that
> I have many gigs of mp3, photos and other stuff. I have these on my /home,
> naturally. I have an external hard drive that I would like the contents
> backed up on to, on an automagical basis.
> I discovered the tool Konserve, which looked promising, however when it
> insists and creating one massive tarball on each backup it is unusable.
> Also it creates a new tarball on each backup run, the external drive is
> only large enough to hold about 1.5 of the full back ups.
> Back in windows I used "Backup4All" and it would create a mirror backup
> every 2 hours, only updating the modified, added/deleted files. Which is
> perfect, since I want the external drive to reflect the contents of /home.
> Am I out of luck in this regard or is someone please able to point me to a
> program to solve my problems? I don't want to have to resort to using some
> kind of Wine configuration!
> Regards,
> Gabe

Checkout sbackup, its pretty cool


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