Makedev and My Digital Camera

Achim Bohnet ach at
Fri Feb 24 01:45:49 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 21 February 2006 06:25, you wrote:
> Achim
> Thanks for the email reply.  My camera is a USB model from Ricoh ... a Capilo 
> RR211.  It has not been mentioned in the Ksnapshot lists ... but to all 
> intents it mounts as a scsi hard drive ... sda1.
> TODAY I reconnected the camera and looked at /media/sda1
> Nothing!

That normal. /media/sda1 is created automaticly when pmount
mount /dev/sda1.  Please comment out the sda1 fstab entry,
and check that you are in the plugdev group (run cmd 'id').
if not:
	sudo addgroup $USER plugdev

then logout and login to activate the group member ship.
AFAIU when you now insert the camera it should be mounted
and konqueror will pop up.  If not try as normal user

	pmount sda1

> Then I opened a console and as sudo I mounted the device /dev/sda1.
> All of a sudden the camera's contents are visible!  Success!!
> Now maybe I need to change the fstab entry I made to have the camera load 
> automatically when it is connected.  At present the entry is:
> /dev/sda1			/media/sda1      vfat		users,umask=000	0	0
> Can you please suggest changes to automount the camera when it is connected?

In breezy automount/display should work.  In dapper it will be even better,
you get a dialog that allows you to select between different action like
mount&show, ignore.   Unfortunately digikam support for this was not ready,
so you will not see it in the list of choices in dapper when a camera is
pluged in :(

> Thank you for your help.
> Richard
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