Makedev, USB Cameras and Viewing Images

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Tue Feb 21 00:28:44 UTC 2006

On Monday 20 February 2006 02:52, Irena and Richard Jenkins wrote:
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Hi Richard,

that's strange.  When I inserted my USB camera with breezy, it got
automaticly mounted and konqueror fired up.

Are you sure that your camera supports or is set to export it's
storage as a disk?

what camera do you have?

> I have a usb camera which I want to use with this computer (Breezy).  The 
> changes to fstab that I have made seem to get me part way along.  Now when my 
> machine complains about no device 'sda1' ... I figure here's where makedev' 
> comes into play.  There's no sda1 in devices...

udev should create this device for you automaticly.

When you insert/turn on the camera, what is the output of:

tail -f /var/log/kern.log<return>

<now plugin you camera>


> However when I run MAKEDEV it complains it does not know how to make the 
> device sda1!!   Am I missing something?
> Richard
> My fstab change was to include a new line for /dev/sda1 mounted 
> as /media/sda1 ... using vfat ... and default settings.  I mkdir a new 
> directory as /media/sda1.
> My devices file still lacks an entry for sda1.
> Thanks
> Richard
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