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Dave dsterken at
Mon Feb 20 23:15:30 UTC 2006

I guess this is more of a general Linux question, and not specific to
Kubuntu. When I install Kubuntu I had copied my hard drive from a previous
installation of Mepis, which in turn was taken directly from Windows. to
make a long story short, it's been several years now and I still have
Windows-style names for all my files. meaning they use a lot of CAPS and

Is there a bash command (similar to awk) that would allow me to search out
all the spaces in my file names and replace them with underscores (recursive
from home folder)? Or perhaps one of you already has a  script that could
help with this task? I have Googled this a number of times and feel like I
have exhausted all other avenues, even a point in the right direction would
be greatly appreciated. Additionally I would like confirmation that what I'm
trying to do won't cause problems, most of the files I want renamed are
music and picture files.

I currently run Kubuntu 5.1 Breezy in KDE.

Dave Sterken
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