users and root

Luca Mollica mollica.luca at
Mon Feb 20 16:48:33 UTC 2006


I am quite new (just subscribed to the ML) to the Kubuntu world but not 
to unix-linux universe. Neverthless, I am facing with some problems 
arising from the absence of a root user: I have added the user with the 

sudo passwd root

and now I can enter (like in SUSE ,eg) as root in the shell login and 
acces the same feature as classical root. But after this change, I have 
realized that I had some problems in accessing some features in KDE 
object for changing system settings. Take as an example Adept: I try to 
access with my root password and I am refused during the login, but I am 
allowed to enter using the user password (user 'luca').
I have also noticed that 'luca' allows to adm and admin groups .... is 
it normal to access to some "root" services with the user password after 
the creation of the root user ? sorry for this question, but even 
looking for some explanation in the forum etc . I feel lost in this (at 
least for me) way of organizing users .... how can I get a root user in 
the classical sense and a 'luca' user without any administrator privilege ?

Thanx in advance


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