Kubuntu default look

Craig Drummond craig_p_drummond at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 23:11:42 UTC 2006

> Okay.  I just installed the deb this morning and without any problem.

Wow, my first deb actually works for other people!

> In System Settings: Appearance I changed the GTK styles and fonts to
> QtCurve and Style: Widget Style to QtCurve also.  zFor the WinDeco I
> chose Modern System.  I left Icons on Crystal and Fonts on Deja.

Using GtkQt (as mentioned in my original email), the selection of QtCurve for 
Gtk would have been automatic.

>  Even the mozilla-gnome file picker looks better.  

The only thing that I noticed, is that (by default) the Gtk file dialogs do 
not seem to respect the "gtk-alternative-button-order" (the one that switches 
Cancel/OK -> OK/Cancel) But oddly enough, the "Open Location" (control-L) in 
the file chooser does!

> Openoffice2 

Yeah OO.o is not very good KDE wise. The menu's aren't drawn correctly - in 
whatever theme, apart from Plastik (this seems hard-codded). Also, the 
file-selector appears as a top-level window that can be minimised separately 
from  the main window - which is blocked waiting on the file selector!

> looks more like it's a part of the KDE desktop now.  Gimp and glabels
> look like they belong.  

> Nice job!  

Thank you, glad you liked it!

> Even if this doesn't make it in as  
> default, I hope it gets in to main for dapper.

Well I will try to get it into dapper - I've made some changes to the style, 
and just want to play with it for a few days before updating.


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