tellico or alternative

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Feb 14 15:22:14 UTC 2006

Art Alexion wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>>There's your problem.  That is _not_ a breezy package.  I'm not sure where
>>you're getting it, but the current version at
>> is 0.13.3-1ubuntu1.
>>If it's coming from breezy-backports, perhaps you have a recourse, but
>>otherwise I'd suggest you can't expect valid packaging :-(  Try explicitly
>>installing 0.13.3-1ubuntu1 (aptitude install tellico=0.13.3-1ubuntu1).
> Yes.  It is from Breezy-backports.
> Fortunately (or unfortunately). it worked in breezy/KDE 3.4.3.
> I saved data while using it there.
> 0.13.3 (official version) does not recognize the new data format.
> I'm thinking a note to the package maintainer.
In that case, I guess it's your only recourse.  Since I like to live on the
edge, I never bother with the backports - I'm always using the unstable
versions - so I don't know what promises of reliability there are, but that
version of tellico is clearly not compatible with your version of KDE. 
Isn't KDE 3.5 in breezy-backports, though?  You'd seem to need the whole
KDE 3.5 to make this work.

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