Wastebin wobblyness ?

dave s kubuntu at pusspaws.net
Sat Feb 11 10:09:03 UTC 2006

On Saturday 11 Feb 2006 10:01, David A' Rebel wrote:
> On Saturday 11 February 2006 22:52, dave s wrote:
> > If I try to drag items to the waste bin I get a progress dialogue and the
> > dialogue freezes. I eventually kill the dialogue and the item I tried to
> > drag is still there, not deleted. If I right click 'move to wastebin'
> > same thing happens.
>   Have you disabled hidden and put it on the desktop or is it still an
> applet. 

Still an applet

> If the latter then the version of kde you are running does have 
> some kicker problems. 

That would explain it

> Upgrading to 3.51 may fix it for you. 

OK, is that the kde coming along in the next version of kubuntu, 
(dapper ????) ?


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