Turning off touchpad tapping?

Joseph Vella vayu at sklinks.com
Fri Feb 10 22:51:47 GMT 2006

There are several threads on this topic in the Ubuntu forums.  It was a 
problem for a long time.  Eventually someone came up with an answer that 
worked for my alps pad.  It's an xorg.conf thing.  I have no time right now, 
but I'll get back to you with what worked for me.  Meanwhile you might want 
to search the forums.

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Subject: Turning off touchpad tapping?

New to Kubuntu, and about to tear my hair out (and I have too little to be
able to afford tearing out any) because of unwanted "tap events" occurring
while typing.  I've tried turning it off under System Settings | Touch Pad,
but those settings seem to have no effect whatsoever.

What am I missing here?  Anyone?  TIA.

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