CD tray keeps opening randomly

James Gray james at
Mon Feb 6 22:35:16 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 07 February 2006 06:41, Art Alexion wrote:
> This has gotten to the point where it is unusable.
> Any ideas?

I've seen this happen when the underlying bus (IDE/SCSI) is having hardware 
problems and when the OS doesn't support the controller.

Both scenarios will dump useful information to /var/log/messages and 
may /var/log/kern.log.  "dmesg" may have some further information about 
reported hardware etc during boot.

The basic problem might be that due to either incompatibility or hardware 
fault, your CD drive is getting an "EJECT" message.  This can happen when the 
controller throws garbage onto the bus.

Usual disclaimers apply.  YYMV.

Good luck!

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