Installing kubuntu

Harry Vorstenbosch h.vorstenbosch at
Thu Feb 2 13:34:49 UTC 2006

Dear Reader(s),

As far as I have experienced, you are able to manually perform the
partition table in where you can choose for formatting (with reiserfs)
your partition /dev/hda3 and qualified this disk(part) as "installable"
"root device" for Kubuntu. (Otherwise Kubuntu will mount /dev/hda1 as
your root partition for itself as the default root). 

You also will be able to define /dev/hda8 as a swap disk. (But (K)ubuntu
can make use of your already defined swap disk (after reformatting) of
your device /dev/hda5.) 

Inside the partition part you also will be able to define the other
partitions to be mounted (in fstab) as /dev/hda6 /home and /dev/hda7
as /home/photo. In that case you can manually edit the way it comes in
fstab and you can choose to KEEP the current file-system and do NOT
format but mount it as /dev/home etc.

Via the grub menu you also will be able to define the current
"/" (/dev/hda1) as second or first bootable disk. 
But you need to go through the partition menu, but be aware to keep the
current data drives, and mount them the way YOU want.

The system goes writing the partition table only the way YOU want and if
you are not agreed with the (by yourself) suggested partition table you
just do it over again and again before you WRITE it.



All other disk On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 05:45 -0500, Paul Kaplan wrote:
> When I tried to install kubuntu onto a disk that has an existing Linux distro 
> and already established (but empty) partitions, I got stuck at the 
> partitioning menu.  None of the existing paritions are detected by the 
> kubuntu installer.  The installer wants to reformat the whole disk.
> Here's my table:
> /dev/hda1	10G	reiserfs  existing /
> /dev/hda5	1G	swap
> /dev/hda6	10G	reiserfs existing /home
> /dev/hda7	20G	reiserfs existing /home/photos
> /dev/hda3	10G	reiserfs empty, intended for kubuntu /
> /dev/hda4	20G	reiserfs empty, intended for kubuntu /home
> /dev/hda8	1G	swap (intended for kubuntu
> What's wrong here?  How can I install kubuntu onto hda 3 & 4?
> Paul

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