Installing kubuntu

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at
Thu Feb 2 10:45:58 UTC 2006

When I tried to install kubuntu onto a disk that has an existing Linux distro 
and already established (but empty) partitions, I got stuck at the 
partitioning menu.  None of the existing paritions are detected by the 
kubuntu installer.  The installer wants to reformat the whole disk.

Here's my table:

/dev/hda1	10G	reiserfs  existing /
/dev/hda5	1G	swap
/dev/hda6	10G	reiserfs existing /home
/dev/hda7	20G	reiserfs existing /home/photos
/dev/hda3	10G	reiserfs empty, intended for kubuntu /
/dev/hda4	20G	reiserfs empty, intended for kubuntu /home
/dev/hda8	1G	swap (intended for kubuntu

What's wrong here?  How can I install kubuntu onto hda 3 & 4?

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