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bryann brymelvin at
Tue Dec 26 19:17:07 GMT 2006

On Tue, 2006-12-26 at 13:01 -0500, Art Alexion wrote:
> On Friday 22 December 2006 20:28, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> > Printing photos is a bit of a trouble spot for Linux as far as I can see.  
> > Maybe someone will make both of us a better suggestion.
> My Red Hat 7.x systems printed beautifully with the same hardware.  I think it 
> is a Kubuntu problem.  Try setting up the Gimp for printing.  It is much 
> better than the kprinter results.

I haven't followed this thread well due to holidays but:

I use Kubuntu/ubuntu to produce prints of our artwork and photos eg a
Graphics shop/ commercial artist.

here's my recipe.

completely remove hpjfs and hpilp
compile the latest hpilp/hjifs from sourcefourge. There are simple
detailed instructions including for dapper in the docs.

Install digikam
install google's picassa2
Install scribus 

the installed gimprint is obsolete. redoing it with the full gutenprint
may help. I Don't know We use HP equipment and what I have outlined is
adequate. The Cups web interface and complete HP toolkit works with our
setup, it DOESN'T with the default install except on PPC for some

AS we need color separations etc we also run Corel software via
Crossover. That is unneccessary for a normal use. There is no visible
difference between printing an 8 by 10 with picassa and Corel Photo

The important thing is getting behind the KDE interface to find the
options to enable the highest resolution your printers are capable
of.That can be elusive in KDE. These options usually don't show up in
the individual program's dialogs.

One workaround without modifying everything is to always use GIMP to
produce a high res postscript file for output. In the case of most
printers KDE/Ubuntu is going to use normal settings on normal paper
uness you dig to find the highest settings.

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