Printing pictures

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Sun Dec 24 01:24:06 UTC 2006

Juha Sandberg wrote:
> There's one more very good solution for printing pictures in Kubuntu,
> and it's Open Office. First I download pictures from camera via usb with
> Digikam. Then I edit them with Digikam or Gimp, if necessary, and saving
> them somewhere I want. Then in Open Office Word Processor I open the
> picture, and there, resizing is very easy by dragging with mouse. And
> there's many changes to setup printerdriver before printing. My printer
> is HP6540, and I've been satisfied quality of pictures doing like this.
> Even this isn't very professional way, I prompt you to try it!

Actually, this is what I tried first - but I couldn't get it to print a
4x6 picture ... it only printed part of it. If it's working for you,
then obviously I'm doing something wrong.

What settings are you using for paper / portrait - landscape / etc.?

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