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There's one more very good solution for printing pictures in Kubuntu, and it's Open Office. First I download pictures from camera via usb with Digikam. Then I edit them with Digikam or Gimp, if necessary, and saving them somewhere I want. Then in Open Office Word Processor I open the picture, and there, resizing is very easy by dragging with mouse. And there's many changes to setup printerdriver before printing. My printer is HP6540, and  I've been satisfied quality of pictures doing like this. Even this isn't very professional way, I prompt you to try it!

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In Ubuntu / Kubuntu, what program do you recommend for printing
pictures. e.g. If I have a jpg taken from my digital camera (I use a
flash card reader) and want to print it to a 4x6 (possibly without white
margins) on my HP 5440, what is the best package for this?

Thanks in advance

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