communication issue?

Michael W. Holdeman lists at
Fri Dec 8 21:08:18 UTC 2006

I have some sort of port/communication issue. 
I have installed vmware-player, w/xp-pro, on my kubuntu edgy laptop. I also 
have wine, as well. 

To set the stage, I have an app from oracle, for th euniversity I work for, 
OCAL client, to access a collaboration calendar server, it works fine under 
vmware in xp. The Linux version installs natively, but says it cannot reach 
the server, the setup is identical.
The windows client installed with wine also cannot reach teh server?
ie in wine works fine.

Does anyone have any ideas? Anyone out there running teh Ocal client natively 
on linux?

We want to convert most of teh desktop machines in teh office to kubuntu but 
this is a stumbling block...


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