kmix always starts as an open application

Vayu vayu at
Fri Dec 8 20:44:02 UTC 2006

Kmix always opens when KDE starts.  It opens as a window on the 
desktop.  I want it to only open in the taskbar as a volume control. 

It will open as a volume control in the taskbar when I go to settings 
and check "dock into panel", but it also starts as an open window.  If I 
don't check "dock into panel", it still opens as a window on the desktop 
just with no volume on the panel. 

There is no entry for it in Autostart.

Any ideas on how it's getting started?  I've tried closing it then 
saving the session with "restore manually saved session" as my session 
behavior, it still opens as a window next time I start KDE.

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