Root login

Vayu vayu at
Thu Dec 7 17:18:29 UTC 2006

Richard Crawford wrote:
> On Thursday 07 December 2006 08:47, Scott Mazur wrote:
>> The users may not need to know or care, but administrators are going to be
>> spending a significant amount of time 'undoing' the Kubuntu sudo changes
>> after every install.  Seems that energy (from both sides) could be better
>> spent making the distro safer in other ways.
> At the risk of sounding like an ass: if the distro does not suit your purpose 
> or meet your needs, switch to one that does, rather than continue to point 
> out why Kubuntu does *not* meet your needs.  That's choice, and it's a 
> perfectly good option.
> I myself prefer Kubuntu for both desktop and server installations, and have 
> never found sudo a hindrance, nor do I miss su (I have root login disabled on 
> my non-Kubuntu systems).  In fact, when administering my FC systems, I 
> frequently miss sudo.
I'm in agreement here.  I can't imagine being that dis-satisfied with 
something and constantly complaining about what I can't change to people 
that don't have the same complaint nor an ability to change it either.  
I was also hesitant to suggest finding another distro as well because 
I'm not usually fond of the love it or leave it mentality, but at some 
point one has to either surrender or go get what you need.    Besides 
all that, this distro is a gift.  If someone gives me a shirt I don't 
like and it can't be returned or easily altered, I say (and feel) thank 
you, and then don't wear it.

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